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Edgar Daniel

Goodluck Jonathan is man of humble demeanour; I must confess that it is hard for one not to be infected with it when around him, but I had like to believe that beneath this comportment is a man of integrity and astute disposition, not one of insensibility and docility, a man that has been chiselled by his academic laurels and sensitised by the depraving poverty among his people that provide the bread basket of Nigeria but have nothing to show for it. A man that is being positioned by fate to ease the long-suffering Ijaw and Niger Delta people. I do not know of political establishments where the extolling virtues for a call to higher service have to be submissiveness and loyalty only, except in Nigeria. It makes me feel uncomfortable, that something sinister is in the offing. Many believe the VP elect is living up to his last name, Goodluck! And nothing more.
However, the cruel counter-balancing act that fate has ushered to Jonathan Goodluck -- he is now the metaphor for questionable submissiveness and loyalty. A political albatross that he has every reason to shake off his shoulders -- he has a great balancing act to do, be loyal to those who will squeeze the Ijaw further to make their milk and honey, those whose killing machinery would not restrain to disgorge any attempt from the Delta that threatens their “Perfect Federation” as it stands and to his constituency of the Ijaw and larger Niger Delta that yearns for a sincere, constructive and credible solution to the fundamental questions and issues that threatens that very “Perfect Federation”. He must prove with concrete actions and results, that the perception at certain quarters that he is a pawn being used in the intricate political chess of the Ijaw and Niger Delta question is not only wrong but also immoral.
There is no doubt that Jonathan needs the best of minds Ijaw can offer him, he should borrow from Diete Spiff and Tam David West who went recruiting both at home and abroad technocrats and intellects with a strategic and critical analysis gift who can do the job with him, he should look beyond clannishness and provincialism. He needs more resourcefulness than submissiveness and loyalty in the nitty-gritty of Nigerian politics to survive and deliver to Ijaw and Nigerians. There is also the need to re-invent or package him, he is not helping by his often declaration of loyalty, he comes across badly as a wimp in the public opinion of Ijaw and Nigerians. By his endless reaffirmation of his loyalty, he his defining the limits of his functions and responsibility even before he has been boxed to that corner, as if his call to serve has been made possible only by that most slavish of traits. Loyalty is a political ideology of personal survival, an expediency devoid of ideological construct.
This Vice President Elect is already operating from a position of weakness, read the last two public addresses from him to the Ijaw Elders that paid him a courtesy visit in Abuja and the reported news in the Vanguard Newspapers. Jonathan does not sound like a man on a mission to effect changes in the Niger Delta or for the generality of Nigerians; he is already compounding the situation. To address Ijaw leaders paying him a visit after his and the President elect "victory" in such a manner lacking of integrity and conviction is an ominous sign of the shape of things to come. His latest salvo to Newsmen at the Murtala Mohammed Airport, criminalizing the struggle for resource control and the militants that have earned the Ijaw and the Niger Delta region the somewhat political relevance that has made his selection as the VP possible is a self-destructive tendency, he is building a ring around himself and this political ring is bound to fail. If the Ijaw and Nigerians had balloted him into that position in a true democratic election, he would not make such statements that can be translated as insensible and offensive. It is like telling the Ijaw and the rest of the Niger Delta not to expect much. It is like Jonathan as entered an article of faith to be loyal and only to be loyal even with the possibility of an indeterminate solution to the Niger Delta quagmire or worse, with it deteriorating further.

The present situation in the Niger Delta and Nigeria is highly sensitive, it needs a constructive approach, the issues of the Ijaws and rest of the Niger Deltans should be addressed with some political tact, its meaning cannot be reduced by self-serving politicians or sacrificed on the alter of adventurism .
We have been there before, rushing to romanticize politicians without the dialectic conclusions, politicians that often turn out to be aloof to our problems and mismanage our polity and resources -- before we know it we would have ended up installing a bozo with insatiable appetite, with our collective destiny begging for mercy or agitating for correctness.

At times, I have admired the guts of Chief. E. K Clark in his one man advocacy for the rights of the Ijaw and Niger Deltans, sometimes his actions torments his admirers, not just compromising him but I believe go a long way in casting aspersions on him. Remember the Uduaghan saga? It is reported that Clark having received the PDP Governorship candidate then in his Kiagbodo country home gave his blessings and all sorts of encomium, only to withdraw his support as the strategic implication on the Ijaw of Uduaghan emerging Governor of Delta State dawned on him.

The problem with Ijaw Elders and their politics of jamboree as Chief E.K Clark himself once alluded to -- is the inability to think critically and strategically for the benefits of all, paying courtesy visits to leaders in Abuja and other State Houses without a thought through process is a fruitless trip that only balms the ego of politicians -- intra tribal solidarity devoid of purpose or regard for the popular mandate is treacherous, it is even more dangerous than the repressiveness of the invading powers, because it suffocates the overwhelming will of change, it can only highlights the weakness, confusion and lack of direction to stay the course of action, meaningful gains cannot be made.
Our utterances and semantics when it comes to Ijaw issues cannot be reduced to a state of frenzy by highly regarded Ijaw Elders as in this case, or shaped by myopic and cabal perceptions and our concepts should not be limited by primitive mechanisms of want, each man for himself  and all that he can acquire -- the noble and moral struggle of survival by the Ijaw cannot be substituted by the appointment of GEJ as VP, we want structural changes that will put us on the march to greatness, not a political window dressing. When we need to jubilate, we must exercise caution in the place of temerity, and our response should be well measured, for fear of being misconstrued as an Oration Laudation for politicians that might turn out to woefully disappoint us and we end up looking like grand appeasers.
On the other hand, in difference to the wide repulsion concerning the last primaries and elections, we are being told that the Yar Adua/Jonathan Goodluck ticket can be compared to a marriage made in heaven by God, what I call a political gaffe by Chief. E.K Clark. As the energetic Chief E.K Clark would like the rest of us to believe, perhaps Chief Clark could go a bit further in telling us who the weaker sex in this his “blessed marriage of God” is? Because in every marriage there is weak sex, I hope Goodluck Jonathan would not be the weaker and if so he should use the power of beauty to resist the rapacious lustfulness of the monster. It is evident that he is the beauty by all ramifications, his people have the oil and he sure looks meek and serene by nature. In this marriage of “Beauty and the Beast”, would Beauty charm her Monster of a husband to her whims and caprices? This “beauty” has the strategic power of oil and fourteen million Ijaws behind him.

When the dusts of the elections settles down and when eventually Yar Adua and Goodluck Jonathan are sworn in, as the full political machinery of the Hausa/Fulani and Yoruba/Igbo swings into motion, I hope we don't end up seeing a lame duck VP whose watch word would be loyalty! Loyalty! And Loyalty!
I wish the Ijaw Nation and the Niger Delta luck; VP Goodluck Jonathan and President “elect” Yar Adua, a very loyal working atmosphere and success in the Herculean task ahead.