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Population: 14,833,421

We are seeking to partner with WATER SYSTEMS corporations who are world leaders in building, operating and maintaining world class water treatment facilities in a fiscally responsible manner without lowering the quality of potable water for the various needs of the population and industries served. We want to partner with corporations capable of offering total expertise in this field and a comprehensive range of services regardless of municipalities needs and location.

The Right Solution for all our municipalities
We seek solutions in:  
  You should

- potable water,
- process water,
- feed water for utilities,
- water recycling,
- wastewater,
- byproduct treatment,
- odour treatment,
- desalination.



Urban and rural municipalities
- potable, waste and storm water,
- irrigation for agriculture.

- food and beverage,
- automotive,
- energy,
- oil prospecting and production,
- microelectronics,
- pulp and paper,
- chemicals and petrochemicals,
- pharmaceuticals,
cosmetics and biotechnologies,
- iron and steel, primary metals,
- metal processing,
- mining, tanning, textiles and glass.

Service businesses
- shopping centres,
- hospital services,
- homes and offices,
- tourism activities.


Create a close relationship with municipalities where operations are based

Fully integrate into its region by establishing experienced teams, adapting expertise to suit conditions, setting up agreements with local partners, and using as many local suppliers as possible.

Organise your teams and know-how around the needs of the municipalities by paying constant attention to:

- reducing capital outlay and operating costs,
- the flexibility and reliability of facilities,
- protecting the environment and ensuring safety,
- meeting commitments in terms of timetables, specifications and compliance with regulations…


Managing water treatment by products
Sea water desalination

Highly effective solutions must used to remove or recycle water treatment residues such as sand, sludge and fats, along with gases or other final residues. These technology solutions must becontinuously upgraded to keep in step with the rapid changes in environmental and health regulations.

Depending on the municipal needs, WATER SYSTEMS entity must be able to provide innovative systems such as incinerators, tray filters, centrifuges, wet air oxidation or stripping equipment. Alternatively, it can employ composting methods for recycling residues as fertiliser, or take complete responsibility for all aspects of residue treatment.

WATER SYSTEMS entities must be able to design or build facilities of any dimension and for all types of market: hotels, municipalities, industrial companies, agriculture and many more…

WATER SYSTEMS entities will handle all construction projects - a complete plant construction, or treatment train, or plant refurbishment or extension. The company will build:

- water and wastewater treatment plants for the municipalities,
- small plants adapted to the needs of rural or semi-rural communities,

It will also take charge of commissioning all facilities and systems.

Our municipalities must benefit from a real commercial and technical partnership with access to complete range of services:

- maintenance,
- technical support,
- consulting and evaluation,
- sales of parts and consumables,
- rental of modular mobile units,
- chemical conditioning.

  Chemical conditioning of water  
  Chemical conditioning is an indispensable part of physical and biological water treatment, and must therefore be a key feature of the WATER SYSTEMS entity services. The process protects industrial facilities from deposit formation, corrosion and microbial proliferation. It also enhances the effectiveness of primary effluent treatment. Through chemical conditioning, facility performance is maintained and long-term safety ensured.  


Chosen Water System entities will operate various municipal water treatment facilities under outsourcing contracts that include guarantees on technical and financial performance.

WATER SYSTEMS entities must have expertise in all aspects of water cycle management and must pass on the benefits of the latest technological advances to our municipalities.
WATER SYSTEMS entities must be able to draw on a unique or various selections of mechanical, chemical, biological and thermal treatment solutions. These will include:

- continuous microfiltration (CMF) and continuous deionisation (CDITM) systems,
- reverse osmosis and demineralisation units for the production of ultrapure water,
- desalination skids,
- preassembled clarifiers,
- dryers, evaporators, filter presses, aerators and mechanical rakes,
- UV sterilisers, chemical dosage and injection equipment,
- laboratory water treatment units (ELGA LabWater "PURELABTM").

All equipment and systems are installed and commissioned by WATER SYSTEMS entity specialists.

Mobile units

Where feasible, modular mobile units will be designed to produce process water or potable water, or to treat wastewater. They will be employed when extra capacity is required, or for occasional or seasonal needs. They are also valuable in ensuring operating continuity in emergencies or during equipment downtime.