Madam Ozeibo Miriki was born on January 24, 1932. The fifth of six children born to Late Madam Esonwa Ekiye and Mr. Agolomaowei Ekiye of Ariwari Compound in Adagbabiri, Sagbama LGA, Bayelsa State.

Mama was till her passing to glory married to Late Mr. H.S. Miriki of Trofani. She lived with her husband in Ibadan for over 30 years and later in Adagbabiri before moving to Yenagoa, the Bayelsa State capital. Mama passed away in Yenagoa on May 6, 2010 after a brief illness. She is survived by children, grand children, sister, nieces and nephews.

My mother, sweet and gentle, kind and humble is slow to anger; a lover of humanity. She never finds fault in anyone, always believing that there is something good in everybody. My mother is the epitome of patience. Patience is my name, but really, my mother was the patient one; and the meaning of this is my mother's history in my father's house. I hope that I will be as patient as you were, mom. Looking back, I realize that patience is not weak but wise and strong.

I thank my Heavenly Father for you being my mother. Thank you for your complete support and devotion to me. You have over the years moulded me, and what I am today is because of you and your love. Mama, words cannot express how much I miss you and will miss you forever. I love you so much and will forever cherish your loving kindness; not just to me alone but to everyone that came in contact with you.

Rest in peace dearest mum till we meet and not part again.

Enebi Pat Okoinyan

May the gentle soul of our dearly beloved mama now rest in the perfect peace of the Lord. Amen. Mama rested in the Lord after a brief illness. Mama was a gem and a gentle soul. She was that loving and cuddling feeling that you needed when you are down. She was the one to encourage you and support you in your endevours even when others cast doubts about your aspirations.

Mama was a joy to be with and be around. She will always find the positive and good in everyone and was indeed our number one cheerleader. We miss her so much more than these fews words can ever say or convey.

Mama was especially beautiful in her younger days and even later in life. She was cool even before we knew what cool meant. You can imagine her in American Western (cowboy) attire. We are talking about long trousers, long sleeve shirt, hide skin western boots, matching hats and a holster packed with two pistols. Yes, mama was way ahead of her times and was cool before cool became cool.

Our Mama Lolo is taken too soon from us, but her kind and loving heart, her sweet memories, loving and radiant smiles, gentle and reassuring touch and all the good times we had with her over these years will forever warm our hearts and remain with us all forever.

We miss you mama, your Atamu miss you. Rest now in peace.

Etienmudoh Titoe Miriki ( Your Atamu)

'Mama' as I fondly call you, I am really going to miss the patent manner in which you call my "full name" with full reservation, joy, hailing, smile and pure from the heart. I feel touched, giggle and cool each time.

The news of your departure was not only shocking but challenging too, not only because you will be missed in person and physicl, but the pounding questions for everyone that if granted more grace on earth by God...................

Will I be pampered till the last minute like you enjoyed?
How would people receive the news of my passing unto glory?
What do I stand for or want to be remembered for?

'Mama' may your peaceful soul continue to rest in peace in Jesus Name. Amen.

Ekiyorkeyi Ekiyortuatu Enitubo Miriki (as fondly hailed by you)

MAMA ENEBI: This was your accolade that I met as a child growing up in the 70s! Your radiating beauty as a MOTHER was something else; and you were all the time humble and most caring to all that came... You sheltered and cared for all unquestionably without limits. You worried and felf disturbed whenever we stayed out late.... and your voice was loudest when help was needed to salvage a situation.

You cared beyond limits! You never gave up when eliciting solutions for any situation in the family. You sought advice to better us without limitations; you were indeed MOTHER to all across board. You were and advocate and supporter of good moral standards and virtues for us growing up as children. I recall that your worst moments were when you deviated from your expectations...And to keep your smiles glowing was to ensure that your values were kept. I never saw or heard you quarrel in my entire life, neither have I heard you complain about any one of us growing up as one family. You took the challenges of difficulties experienced y any one of us children and championed our redemption without caution.

Mama, we love you so much for the role you played as MOTHER. Your impeccable character and immaculate love you had for your late husband, my mentor, our pillar, late H.S. MIRIKI can never be quantified.

May you rest in peace our dearest MAMA ENEBI.

Capt. Albert Ebikibina Oyinkepreeyi Oti (Rtd)

What a great loss! Mama, you are so so wonderful, you have really played a role as my biological mother. You showed me so much love and care when I needed it most.You are so caring and loving. There is no one now to dance for before I go to work and after I come back from work. I feel so lonely now and the house is so quiet and empty without you.

Mama the bun!, you are worth more than a million dollars, I will really miss your smile, you'll always remain in my heart till we meet again at the feet of Jesus.

What a wonderful and beautiful epitome of humility you are! I love you and will always remember to celebrate your life well spent in this world. Rest in perfect peace Sweet grandmother.

Benakeyi Ekiye.

I have lost a sweet mother. Mrs. Ozeibo Miriki has been a loving mother to all in the family. I will remember her for her resourcefulness, versatility and her uncommon sense of managing we that were very close to her in my father's house. She is dependable and reliable to all, we miss you so dearly. May the Almighty God grant your gentle soul eternal rest, amen.


Snr. Evang. Miriki Satmos Enokubo (aka Daddy Cool)

[Hmmmmm..... Beautiful mama, you radiatedcalm and peace, you would never raise your voice on anyone, you loved all around you and always understanding.

I remember when late sister Monrovia wanted me to come and stay with her in Lagos, you were the person who voluntered to travel from Ibadan to the village to take me to Lagos via Ibadan. When I had my first child, you were always coming from Oke-Ado to the University of Ibadan to see me and the baby.

The period of your ilness were very trying times. One thing was very clear; mama was loved by all around her and she touched our lives in many ways.

I know you are in a better plae without any pain or sickness. Rest in the bossom of the Lord and may your soul find everlasting peace]

Violet Kentebe

Late Mrs. Ozeibo Miriki was a good mother, grandmother and mother-in-law that anyone would like to meet. She was so nice, gentle and caring that the world would have been more at peace if more people were like her.

May the Lord grant her a peaceful rest in heaven.

Timi Okoinyan

Mama, you are a mother with difference, where can we get another to replace you? The love you showed us can not be quantified, you united us and covered us like a tree, now the tree is uprooted.

We are now like children sleeping under the rain without a roof. I feel cold and no cloth to cover. Even if I no longer see you, I still hear your voice that often calls my name "ESSENWAN! What happened, I have not seen you for sometime, hope all is well". Waoo, does it mean I will not see you again? Well, we love you but God loves you more and has decide to take you to rest in his ossom.

Mama! May your loving and most gentle soul rest in perfect peace of the Lord [amen].

Mike Ekiye (The Owugiri Hour Presenter on AIT)

Certainly, mama death is a great loss to all of us in the Ekiye family and to us Agolomaowei's children in Adagbabiri Town, Sagbama LGA of Bayelsa State.

For me it's a personal loss. I lost an aunt, a mother and father. Mrs. Ozeibo Miriki (Nee Agolomaowei Ekiye) who lived a decent life. The legacies she left behind were sincerity and honesty. She was a person that anybody would like to associate with. One of my most memorable encounters with mama was when I lost my job with the Central Bank of Nigeria. Then my first chils was about 4 years old. Mama took my son as if he was her own. She admitted him into one of the best nursery schools in Ibadan at the time. During the period in which I lost my job, mama was very emotional about it, to the extent that she shed tears on one particular occasion.. Due to the death of mama's husband (Late Mr. H.S. Miriki) I had to take back my son but mama instited that he stay with her in Ibadan.

Mama was never associated with greed or selfishness. She was loved by all. We lost a rare gem, an exceptional mother, certainly one in a million mother, and I don't think we will ever have have another like her.

We accept the fact that God created life and he also created death. Everything happens at its own time, so we bid her farewell with all the respect we can muster.

May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace. Amen

Ekpotuatin Ernest Ekiye

The entire families of MIRIKI of Trofani and EKIYE of Adagbabiri sincerely express their profound gratitude and appreciation to everyone who through prayers, visits, messages, love, support and presence identified with us during the Burial / Funeral Ceremonies of our late Wife, Mother and Granmother Madam Mrs. Ozeibo Ekiye Miriki.

We pray for God's abundant blessings upon you and for journey mercies as you return to your respective destinations. Amen.