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2,PERE CLOSE ,Oporoza Town Gbaranmatu-Kingdom,
Warri South- West Council,Delta State
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15th August 2003


It is disheartened to inform the international community and the general public that the ethnic crisis between the Itsekiris and the Warri Ijaws over oppression and political marginalization has taken a different dimension, as the Delta State Government is set to wipe out the Warri Ijaws.

The State Government that is supposed to be mediating and correcting the political injustices in existence has taken side. Not only had the Government taken side, they have gone a step further by tagging the Warri Ijaws as rebels. To actualize the Itsekiri agenda, the Delta State government under Chief James Onanefe Ibori have deliberately empowered the Itsekiris against the Ijaws.

First the Governor made Dr. Uduaghan an Itsekiri and his cousin, secretary to the State Government, secondly, he crookedly appointed his Itsekiri kinsmen as Chairmen of the three Local Government Areas of Warri North, South and South-West when the fundamental issues of ward delineation and creation of Local Government have not been addressed. With this arrangement, public fund is being used to finance the Itsekiri war machine. Lastly, the Governor made public show of his commitment to peace by telling the whole world a lie that he his relocating to Warri to address the crisis, whereas the original and grand design was to enable him and Dr. Uduaghan to properly coordinate their war plan.

The government perfected their ploy by drafting a script for the security to the extent that any move against Itsekiri interest should be crushed by the security operatives. This was evidenced in the army destruction of Okumagba estate under the instruction of the Itsekiris. The popular Idama Hotel, Total Filling Station, Avenue Police Station are some public properties that were destroyed. More than twenty five (25) persons were killed. Ordinarly, the security operatives who are supposed to be neutral, but regrettably the reverse is the case in Warri where they are to deal with any thing that bears the semblance of anti-Itsekiri.

We the Ijaws of Warri call upon the general public and the international community to intervene on the Itsekiri-Military genocide on Warri Ijaws under the close supervision, and logistics support from the Delta state Government.

The Delta State Governor is fully aware of the apartheid system being practiced by his mother's people (the Itsekiris) in the state before he became the Governor. But ironically, "HE HAS NOT GOT THE WILL POWER" to correct the wrongs owing to the pressures from his kinsmen. He lacks the moral ground and political platform to lay claim to the toga of a peace advocate.

We are not unaware of the Delta State Government promoting and supervising the Itsekiris agenda in all manner of ramifications. The Warri Ijaws have been deemed as the aggressors over this endless crisis. Whereas, it is the fear of the Itsekiris (the aggressors) that the State Government is unable to implement the various reports of the panels constituted on Warri crisis in the past. The Itsekiris dictate for their sons who are in the apex of government. What do you expect, the government is under their tutelage

Consequently, Ibori's regime is Anti-Warri Ijaws, do not doubt it because you are looking for an appointment or contract. The truth will unfold if the water boils and evaporates within the shortest possible time. He deprived the Warri Ijaws of top governmental appointment in spite of his several promises made. Do you think ordinarily that the Itsekiris who are in the caucus and dictate will allow the Governor to give such an appointment to Warri Ijaws?

To buttress the government total support of the Itsekiri agenda and their (Itsekiri) arguments and claims of the ownership of the three Warri local government areas, the government disregarded the principle's of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) of using the flag bearer of the party to head the transition committees of the councils by appointing the Itsekiris as chairmen so as to carry out their nefarious act of elimination. In Warri South West Chief Couple Oromoni, an Ijaw was dropped for Hon. David Tonwe an Itsekiri, while in Warri North, Mr. Michael Diden who was disqualified along with Mr Francis Omatseye following their roles on the crisis that visited the parties primaries was picked to edge out Mr Prayer A Malafakumo an Ijaw man. This government of Chief James Ibori unconstitutional did this because he saw in Diden a veritable instrument in prosecuting the war of extermination against the Ijaws. True to projections, Diden has not disappointed book makers as he donated and fuelled Warri North council boats for the Itsekiris with which they launched attack on Erekongbene, Mangorogbene and Ojudorgbene respectively. The whole world must hear this evil plan of the Delta State government by using the state machineries to fight the Warri Ijaws who are only asking for their political and God given rights.

We believe in a fundamental principle that if the State Government for fear of the Itsekiris fails to address this issue appropriately God in his time will redress it one day.

In the recent past under the supervision and monitoring of Delta Government, the Itsekiris warlords in military uniforms kidnapped Ijaws passengers and they were subsequently killed. Surprisingly, the government in high quarters became the mouthpiece for the Itsekiris thereby denied the allegation and tagged it as an act of piracy. In order to call for sympathy from the Federal Government and international community (General public) so as to have free hands in dealing with the Warri Ijaws.

The Itsekiri warlords under the co-ordination of the Delta State Government went and attacked Abi-Gborodo and the same government accused the Warri Ijaws and even insulted an Ijaw monarch. Be informed that our ancestors will hardly forgive the Deputy Governor for that singular act because he has done harm to the Lord's anointed.

What did the State Government want by misrepresenting and misinforming the general public about the Warri Ijaws? Be it told that various Ijaw communities in the three Warri local areas have been set ablaze by the Itsekiris led by the Warri North local council chairman with his council speedboats. Is the DELTA STATE GOVERNMENT unaware of what has been happening? Can the secretary to the State Government deny his involvement in these sporadic attacks on those Ijaw communities? Let the Secretary to the State Government name those perpetrators of the Warri crisis as a he stated on Thursday Vanguard 14th August 2003.


* Several nocturnal meetings have been held in one Chief K. B. Omatseye's place opposite Sapele Athletic Club, Sapele so as to rein terrors on the Ijaws. Take note that the state government representatives are always in attendance.

* The Itsekiris war speedboats and the warlords are being accommodated in Sapele.

* Ajoki a community behind Koko town is a military base for the Itsekiri warlords. About eight speedboats mounted with machine guns are being stationed there.

* In Koko towns, the Itsekiris war speedboats are glaring; the military personnel who are on the pay roll of the chief co-ordinator Ritalori-Ogbebor are training the warlords.

* It is also on record that before the attack on the Ijaw communities of Ereknogbene ,Ojudorgbene and Gbarikogbene, the Secretary to the State Government Dr Emmanuel Uduaghan had a secret meeting with his kinsmen in Koko where the plan to attack was perfected and executed.

* Ogheye/Orere is also their military base.


* A sophisticated method of assassination of prominent Ijaw leaders in Warri and other places, which later would be tagged as an armed robbery incident by the state government.

* Kidnapping and killing of people of Ijaw extraction in Warri and its environ.

* House to house raid of the Ijaws in Warri under the pretence of military operations or searching for arms and ammunition.

* Stopping and searching of vehicles on the road for Ijaws to be abducted and killed silently

* Destroying and burning down of houses and business centers owned by the Ijaws in Warri and its environment

* Forceful ejection of Warri Ijaws from their homeland under the pretext of reclaiming land for development purposes. Ogbe-Ijoh market area and NPA Quarters are primary targets for this operation.


* Ekurede Itsekiri the caravans opposite Olu's palace and some buildings in the area.

* A storey building in Okere market about three hundred meters to Essi junction.

* Lawyer's compound in Iyara. There are also about fourteen speedboats painted Red and black are in the creek leading to the compound.

* Chief Ogedegbe's compound through Akra junction Iyara.Pessu Market. Their military Zones for their operations are - Ugbuwangue Orugbo, Odegine Amadion, Igborodo, Aruton, Ogidigben and Madagho.

Funny enough, "The Peacemaker" the Governor of Delta State is overseas holidaying when is house is on fire. It is not surprising to us because the grand design for the war of elimination of Warri Ijaws have been well laid out and logistics provided. So his presence is no longer required for the execution of the plan. His relocation to Warri on peace mission is an irony of history.

In the light of the above, we want to appeal to well-meaning Nigerians, the international community to mediate on the crisis before law and order completely broke down. We have lost confidence in the sincerity of the governor to resolve this matter as he has completely compromised his position on tackling the issues fairly and freely. We also call on Ijaws in and around Warri to beware, as they are targets of Itsekiris and Delta State Government onslaught.

Finally it is our sincere hope that our call will be treated with the urgency it requires as we cannot continue to fold our hands and watch our kits and kins being slaughtered daily, our resolve to tow the line of peace in the resolution of the Warri crisis should not be taken for a weakness.

Enough is enough.

For and on behalf ccwi:

Capt. Clery Ibojoh
Mr Messio German
Gandy Soroaghaye